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Oral-B AdvancePower Toothbrushes

Advance Power Electric Toothbrushes
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Braun Oral-B Advance Power Toothbrushes

A main problem that most people have is that they brush too hard. Too much pressure on your teeth will not only decay your teeth enamel, but will also lead to oversensitive gums. Gums may start bleeding when too much force is applied during brushing. To tackle this problem, Oral-B Advance electric toothbrushes feature built-in pressure sensors that that will prompt you when you are brushing too hard. The Braun Oral B Advance Power kid’s electric toothbrush will remove stains, help preventing gum disease and reduce bad breath. Oral-B electric toothbrush series is based on a high speed oscillating technology, which generates as many as 7,600 strokes per minute. Advance Power toothbrushes provide you whiter teeth, healthier gums and complete plaque removal. Braun Oral-B toothbrushes are featured with precision clean brush head that cleans deeply between teeth and below the gum line. Braun Advance power is the best electric rechargeable toothbrushes having a great battery life. These toothbrushes work for 5 continuous days on 1 full charge making it exemplary personal care travel associate. Braun Advance toothbrushes consist of indicator bristles, which tell you when to replace the brush heads. The ergonomic design and rubberized grip gives the toothbrushes a stylish look as well as gives control and comfort for every user. The Oral B Advance Power toothbrush is water-resistant and has built-in timer, which ensures that the dentist recommended brushing time is followed. Braun Oral-B Advance power toothbrushes are portable in size making them ideal for travel.

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