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Replacement Brush Heads

FactoryOutletStore.com is an online shopping site that carries a vast inventory of Braun’s personal care products such as replacement power brush heads. All Oral-B power brush heads are based on the compact rotary design developed by Oral-B. They all have soft end-rounded bristles and are clinically proven safe on teeth and gums. Braun power brush heads are specially designed to clean the spaces between teeth and around dental work. Power brush heads of Braun Oral-B toothbrushes have always helped in making your smile healthier and whiter.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB Triumph Brush Heads

Triumph Brush Heads

Enjoy excellent cleaning with advanced bristle technology.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB ProfessionalCare Brush Heads

ProfessionalCare Brush Heads

Smart toothbrush technology for every member of the family.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB Pulsonic Brush Heads

Pulsonic Brush Heads

Indicator bristles let you know when to replace your brush.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB Sonic Complete Brush Heads

Sonic Complete Brush Heads

Longer more powerful bristles deliver a sparkling smile.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB Vitality Brush Heads

Vitality Brush Heads

Whiten and polish your teeth with a ProWhite brush head.

Oral B Power Brush Heads SmartSeries Brush Heads

SmartSeries Brush Heads

Cleans much deeper than manual toothbrush bristles.

Oral B Power Brush Heads Pro Health Brush Heads

Pro-Health Brush Heads

Achieve a brighter and healthier smile with Pro Health brushes.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB AdvancePower Brush Heads

AdvancePower Brush Heads

All you could ask from a brush head, enjoy great oral hygiene.

Oral B Power Brush Heads OralB CrossAction Brush Heads

CrossAction Brush Heads

Rotating, crisscross action targets those hard to reach areas.

Power Brush Heads

For most adults, the perfect brush head is the Oral-B FlexiSoft, with unique FlexiSoft bristles and longer Interdental tip bristles for deep interproximal reach. The Oral-B ExtraSoft provides a gentle brushing impression due to its longer bristle filaments. FlexiSoft bristles bend when brought in contact with water to provide a gentle brushing sensibility. You can try the Oral-B Interspace brush head if you have special needs like cleaning around bridges, crowns or implants. The Oral-B Ortho is approved for people of all ages with braces, since it is designed to clean around the orthodontic brackets. Oral-B Triumph floss action replacement brush heads heal and reverse gingivitis for improved gum health. The Smart Technology enables Oral-B Triumph to identify brush head and advise when it should be replaced. Braun Sonic electric toothbrush heads remove plaque efficiently and naturally helps to removes surface stains. A cushioned head protect the teeth from the high speed brush head motion. The Indicator bristles let you know when to replace your brush. Many of the Braun power brush heads have removable color-code rings for identification. The great design of Braun Oral-B AdvancePower kids brush heads is small, just the right size for kids. A wonderful feature is that these brush heads are replaceable. You can now enjoy more oral hygiene by using Pro-Health and Sonic complete brush heads. The compact size of power brush heads is also perfect for patients with smaller mouths. Braun Power brush heads are well tested by top oral care specialists. Using power brush heads with Oral-B toothbrushes is the best way to deliver our clinically proven results.

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