An alcohol based cleaning solutions, removes shaved stubble to hygienically clean the shavers.
During the cleaning cycle the cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimal cutting efficiency. It also release a refreshing lemon scent.
2 Pack
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How to Change Your
Cleaning Cartridge

Changing the Clean & Renew cartridge is very easy and convenient.

Here's how to do it:

When the level indicator lights up permanently red, the remaining fluid in the cartridge is sufficient for about 5 more cycles. When the level indicator blinks red, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

After having pressed the lift button to open the housing, wait for a few seconds before removing the used cartridge to avoid any dripping. Before discarding the used cartridge, make sure to close the openings using the lid of the new cartridge. You can then dispose your used refill in normal waste as it does not require any special disposal.

For Braun Men's Shaver Models:

540, 550, 560, 720, 730, 5441, 5442, 5790, 5895, 5897, 7526, 7540, 7546, 7570, 7630, 7650, 7680, 8374, 8377, 8585, 8595, 8970, 8975, 8985, 8986, 8987, 8990, 8991, 8995, 9565, 9566, 9585, 9595, 9781, 9782, 9785, 9795, 3050cc, 3070cc, 3090cc, 350cc, 350cc-4, 350cc-5, 370cc, 370cc-4, 390cc, 390cc-4, 390cc-5, 5040s, 5050cc, 5070cc, 5090cc, 530s-4, 550cc, 550cc-4, 550s-3, 550s-4, 560s-3, 560s-4, 565cc-4, 570cc, 570cc-3, 570cc-4, 570s-4, 590cc, 590cc-3, 590cc-4, 760cc, 760cc-3, 760cc-4, 760cc-5, 760cc-6, 760cc-7, 765cc, 765cc-3, 765cc-4, 765cc-5, 765cc-6, 765cc-7, 790cc, 790cc-3, 790cc-4, 790cc-5, 790cc-7, 795cc-3, 8385 C&R, 9030s, 9040s, 9050cc, 9070cc, 9075cc, 9080cc, 9090cc, 9093s, 9095cc, ContourX, CT2cc, CT3cc, CT4cc, CT5cc, CT6cc

Clean & Renew Refill FAQ's

Why would I need a Cleaning Center when I can clean my shaver under tap water?

Our tests show that cleaning your shaver with a Clean&Charge system is 10 times more hygienic than cleaning it under the tap. It's also more convenient: at the touch of a button your shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged, lubricated automatically.

How can I have a hygienically cleaned shaver?

An alcohol-based cleaning solution removes shaved stubble to clean the shaver hygienically, killing 99.999% of all germs and leaving your shaver with a fresh lemon scent. Cleaning under water alone cannot achieve similar results.

I have an older cleaning center with my Braun shaver (Pulsonic or Syncro). Can I still use this cartridge?

The Clean & Renew refill cartidge is compatible with all Braun Cleaning Centers. Cleaning center technology has evolved over time, and you may be interested to try out one of our latest models with new cleaning centre features such as inductive drying or fast clean in only 25 sec.

How often do I need to change the Cleaning Center refill cartridge?

If used each day, your Clean & Renew™ refill will last approximately 30 days.

Will regular Cleaning Center usage maintain the performance of the cutting parts and of the battery significantly?

Yes - lubrication of the parts is done during the cleaning cycle and has a direct impact on the efficiency and longevity of the shaver. On top, regular lubrication of the cutting parts helps maintain the battery performance for longer, as non-sharp cutting elements need more battery power to achieve the same shave. Otherwise, if the shaver is cleaned under water, it should be lubricated with oil manually after every shave to achieve the same effect.

Clean & Renew Refills

Braun clean and renew refills are always well known for their breakthrough cleaning technology. With the use of Braun Clean and Renew refills, you can now automatically clean and lubricate your Braun shaver after each use with an alcohol-based solution that removes stubble and leaves the razor with a fresh lemon-scent. These replacement cartridges do the job with many Braun shavers that use cleaning cartridges including Syncro, Activator, Contour, 360 Complete and Pulsonic.

The two replacement cartridges for Braun's Clean and Charge storage stand include cleaning fluid and lubrication for those electric razors that are associated by the automatic cleaning, charging, and storing stand. Each cartridge lasts about 30 cleaning cycles and establish quickly and easily.

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