FactoryOutletStore.com provides a large selection of state of the art Braun kitchen appliances and accessories which helps the chefs to simplify the cooking. Braun is the leading manufacturer of home appliances which includes beautifully designed blenders and mixers. The blenders are electrically powered mixer with whirling blades, which are used for mashing, crushing, or liquefying food ingredients. Blend, whip, chop, slice, fray and even stir - with just one tool. The adaptable design of the blenders is suitable for right and left handed use.

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Braun Kitchen Appliances

With Braun blenders and mixers which are powerful you have a practical essential kitchen help at your service. They are designed with handy size, easy to use, clean and store. Braun blenders can be used for making milk shakes, baby foods and much more. Braun blender jugs feature versatile attachments like blender shaft, chopper and whisk. For mincing nuts, herbs, garlic, or onions, there is a 2-cup chopper bowl with a special blade. The motor with the attached blender shaft can be mounted on a wall. Their ergonomic handle and translucent design makes them easy and convenient to use. The stylish mixer gives you ultimate handling comfort and ease, even for the toughest jobs. Braun blenders and mixers provide you with the freedom to express your culinary skills. The extra ordinary anti-splashing blender shaft helps controlling the power and ensures that the food stays in the cooking bowl. The adaptable stick design of the Braun blenders and mixers reaches into beakers, pitchers and bowls to extend blending options. Some of the Braun blenders and mixers feature a seven pre-programmed speed controls with LED indicators lined up alongside an on-off switch so you can mix, pulse, stir and crush ice simply with by pressing a button. The Multiquick hand blender is the ideal tool that enables user to prepare every dish they love with great ease. FactoryOutletStore.com is all you need to fulfill all your home electronics and kitchen appliances needs.