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Braun Series 3 Contour Shavers

With the all new Series 3 shavers from Braun you can enjoy a smooth and pleasant start into your day. Braun shavers have always seemed to be on the very cutting edge of technology. Braun Series 3 contour shavers enable us to cut the long hairs with floating foils and integrated cutter for maximum skin comfort. The Triple Action free float system features three independently floating shaving elements, which provides remarkable adaptability, helping to maximize the effectiveness of the shaving system. The smoothly floating foils give a gentle feeling already during the shave, and give great skin comfort a while later. New Braun Series 3 also features a better ergonomic design that adapts easily to the user’s hand, while the increased usage of soft material offers a very comfortable grip and enhances control of the shaver. The best part about Series 3 shavers are they can be washed under running water. The exceptional Clean & Renew function holds your razor when you are not using it. In addition, the shavers automatically regenerate while in the Clean and Renew system, so the battery is totally recharged. The Braun 3 men shavers come with unique SmartFoil which is a unique foil device that captures hairs growing from different directions. Braun 3 Series shavers also feature an LED charging light which visually signifies when the battery is charging. These beautifully structured Series 3 contour shavers do not burn the skin or cause irritation around the neck and jawbone areas whereas the user-friendly shape makes for a nice fit in the hand and are compressed enough to travel easily. Braun's line of Series 3 shavers are considered to be outstanding in the consumer electronics industry.