Braun Clean & Charge Station Bundle

For Series 7 & Pulsonic Shavers

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Cleaning Station
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Cleaning Station & Refills
Cleaning Station & Refills

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Cleaning Station & Power Cord

Clean & Charge
Station Bundle

Clean & Charge Station Bundle
Clean & Charge Station Bundle
  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Braun Clean & Charge Station Bundle

  • Braun Part Number: 81365080
  • Replaces 67090900
  • Replacement Clean & Renew Charging Stand
  • Automatic Program Selection
  • Fast Clean Feature

For Braun Men's Shaver Series:
  • Fits Pulsonic, Series 7 Shavers

For Braun Men's Shaver Models:
  • 799cc, 799cc-3, 799cc-4, 799cc-5, 799cc-6, 799cc-7
  • 797cc, 797cc-3, 797cc-4, 797cc-5, 797cc-6, 797cc-7
  • 795CC, 795CC-3, 795CC-4, 795CC-5, 795CC-6, 795cc-7
  • 790CC, 790CC-3, 790CC-4, 790CC-5, 790CC-6, 790cc-7
  • 765CC, 765CC-3, 765CC-4, 765CC-5, 765CC-6, 765cc-7
  • 760CC, 760CC-3, 760CC-4, 760CC-5, 760CC-6, 760cc-7
  • 750CC, 750CC-3, 750CC-4, 750CC-5, 750CC-6, 750cc-7
  • 735CC, 735CC-3, 735CC-4, 735CC-5, 735CC-6, 735CC-7
  • 7899cc, 7899cc-3, 7899cc-4, 7899cc-5, 7899cc-6, 7899cc-7
  • 7898cc, 7898cc-3, 7898cc-4, 7898cc-5, 7898cc-6, 7898cc-7
  • 7897cc, 7897cc-3, 7897cc-4, 7897cc-5, 7897cc-6, 7897cc-7
  • 7880cc, 7880cc-3, 7880cc-4, 7880cc-5, 7880cc-6, 7880cc-7
  • 7867cc, 7867cc-3, 7867cc-4, 7867cc-5, 7867cc-6, 7867cc-7
  • 7865cc, 7865cc-3, 7865cc-4, 7865cc-5, 7865cc-6, 7865cc-7
  • 7855cc, 7855cc-3, 7855cc-4, 7855cc-5, 7855cc-6, 7855cc-7
  • 7850cc, 7850cc-3, 7850cc-4, 7850cc-5, 7850cc-6, 7850cc-7
  • 7799cc, 7799cc-3, 7799cc-4, 7799cc-5, 7799cc-6, 7799cc-7
  • 7797cc, 7797cc-3, 7797cc-4, 7797cc-5, 7797cc-6, 7797cc-7
  • 7795cc, 7795cc-3, 7795cc-4, 7795cc-5, 7795cc-6, 7795cc-7
  • 7790cc, 7790cc-3, 7790cc-4, 7790cc-5, 7790cc-6, 7790cc-7
  • 7760cc, 7760cc-3, 7760cc-4, 7760cc-5, 7760cc-6, 7760cc-7
  • 740s-6, 740s-7

For Braun Pulsonic Men's Shaver Types:
  • 5671, 5673, 5674

For Braun Pulsonic Men's Shaver Models:
  • 760cc, 790cc, 9565, 9566, 9585, 9595
  • 9781, 9782, 9785, 9795

  • Does Not Work With -S Model Solo Shavers
How it works:
An alcohol based cleaning solution, removes shaved stubble to hygienically clean the shaver.
The shaver is automatically charged while it is in the Clean&Charge station. Hence it is fully powered whenever you need it.
The cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimized cutting efficiency. It also releases a refreshing lemon scent.
Clean & Renew Station
Clean & Renew Station
  • 1. Cleaning fluid display
  • 2. Lift button for cartridge exchange
  • 3. Station-to-shaver contacts
  • 4. Start button
  • 4a. Fast clean button
  • 5. Cleaning program indicators
  • 6. Station power socket

Fits The Following Models:

  • 760cc-4
  • 790cc
  • 790cc-4
  • 799cc
  • 799cc-6
  • 7865cc
  • 7899CC
  • 9565
  • 9595
  • 9781
  • 9782
  • 9785
  • 9795
  • Only works with CC models
The Braun Clean and Charge Station has many exciting features for users of all types. It's one of FactoryOutletStore's best selling Braun Clean & Renew Stands. See the Braun Clean and Charge Station gallery images above for more product views. The Braun Clean and Charge Station is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.