Braun MobileShave Travel Shavers come in a sleek and lightweight design with a single blade and foil head, efficient enough to deliver a smooth shave anywhere, any time. It is an easy way to style your appearance on the go without worrying about any power outlet. The MobileShave battery shavers use replaceable batteries to power their flawless shaving performance. The flexible foils of Braun MobileShave travel shavers adapt to your facial contours and deliver a close and smooth shave. They capture hair growing in different directions to offer a precise shaving performance. Check out our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore to shop Braun MobileShave travel shavers online .

The essential travel shaver

When we are out on the go or traveling, we do not have sufficient means to take care of or follow our grooming routine. Braun's efficient electric shavers deliver an unbeatable shaving performance when at home. But when you are out on a vacation or a long tour, business trip, these rechargeable shavers might need a power outlet to help you have a proper grooming time. It is why Braun designed the MobileShave series of travel shavers. These portable travel shavers utilize replaceable batteries, allowing you to use them anywhere, anytime.

Be ready to shave wherever you are

Braun MobileShave series of travel shavers are the perfect companion for all your outdoor ventures, where you cannot expect your regular shavers to work. These travel shavers are waterproof and hence washable under running water. Thus, even if you are carrying it around in your bag, it is completely hygienic. These mobile shavers also come with trimmer attachments that help you style your mustache and sideburns. In a small portable design, these Braun MobileShave travel shavers are a complete grooming package. Why not buy one now? At FactoryOutletStore, we have a curated collection of the MobileShave series, including Braun M90 - #1 travel shaver in the market. Shop now!

Braun Travel Shavers / Pocket GO provides one stop shop for all personal care equipment. The Braun Pocket Go travel shavers have a compact design and are good looking. Braun Pocket Go shavers for men are featured with the wide floating foil technology that can fluently follow your facial contour and also carries ultra thin foil so you can achieve a close and gentle shave. Braun travel shavers automatically get locked and protect the foil when closed, and also feature a non-slip grip for easy handling. The lock system is so protected that it will not get accidentally ON in the travel bag or pocket. Braun Pocket Go shavers are facilitated with precision trimmer, keeps your mustache and sideburn in good shape. Pocket Go shavers are easy to use, washable and include a twisting cap. The shavers are self-contained and so you do not require any case or pouch. Pocket Go travel shavers are powered by AA batteries so no recharging required and you don’t even have to bring the recharging cord. The Pocket Go razors are fully washable under running water hence you do not lose any time cleaning your shaver, when you are on the move. The battery operated Braun Pocket Go devices are great as a travel shaver.