Braun Men's Shavers

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Braun manufactured it's first dry foil Men's electric shaver in 1950, and that was just the start. Once in the industry, Braun made their way to the top riding on the back of its innovative shaving technology. The brand's products rank among the best men's electric shavers in the market. Braun Shavers let you have the cleanest and perfectly smooth shave every morning. Its shaving movement, which goes in straight lines, is more intuitive and efficient than the rotary one. Brace yourself for the innovative shavers of the world's #1 foil shaver brand. Check out the category to buy the best Braun Men's Shavers online on FactoryOutletStore right now.

For the perfectly smooth mornings

Braun shavers have grown with the rich legacy of the brand's innovative technologies. The latest product series of the brand, Braun Series 9 electric shavers for men, are so far the best in terms of efficiency and comfort. Braun electric shavers have intelligent and innovative Sonic technology. They read the density of your beard up to 160 times per minute and adapts and adjusts the shaving where needed. The technology produces 10,000 vibrations creating a cushion for the shaver to glide over your skin smoothly. Thus, every morning, you get the most efficient shave, without skin irritation, in fewer strokes. How else would you want your mornings to be? The brand also takes care of the hygiene of your shaver and makes it fully washable under running water.

The gentleness of a gentleman's shaver

Wet or dry, we have your shaving preferences. Rest assured, no irritation follows regardless of preference! Braun electric shavers are powerful yet gentle. They ensure the perfect skin comfort and ultimate protection even while moving it over those tricky areas. The shavers capture each of your hair in the perfect angles with the unique foils, having 1,064 ergonomically formed holes. Moreover, its pressure-sensitive blades on the dynamic, flexible head move over your facial contours and adapt to your skin for the gentlest shave. Braun shavers provide the smart, smooth, close, and gentle shave that will always satisfy you.