Braun Clean & Renew Stands

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Clean & Renew Stands

Braun Clean and Renew charging stand help the electric razors to work smoothly and add life to them. The clean and renew stand include drying feature. This feature consists of the removal of water or another solute by evaporation from a solid or liquid. At the simple touch of a button your Braun shavers are hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for your maximum convenience. For cleaning purpose, an alcohol based solution is used that helps to remove shaved stubble from the Braun shavers. The cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for ideal cutting efficiency during the cleaning process. The shavers are than entirely dehydrated through a heat inductive system to maximize performance. During the process of cleaning the shaver batteries are automatically recharged leaving the shaving system fully powered. Braun clean and renew stands enable the razor perform like a new one after every good cleaning cycle. Braun Clean and Renew stands feature Automatic Program Selection that automatically determines when your rechargeable shavers were last cleaned before selecting the best out of 3 modes to provide the optimal cleaning power. The fast clean function for quick result clean the shavers in about 25 seconds only. The Clean and Renew stands have always added attraction to Braun’s strong accessories collection.