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Braun Clean & Charge Station is a one-stop solution to maintain the hygiene and performance of your shavers. It hygienically cleans your shaver, removing all the hair and skin particles from its surface and blades. The innovative accessory also lubricates and charges your Braun electric razors to improve their efficiency. Check out the category to buy Braun Clean & Charge Station for your electric shavers and ensure its flawless performance every time.

The five steps of smart cleaning

With the Braun Clean & Charge Station, you can get your shaver ready like new for every shave. It charges the razor battery to its full power efficiency. It cleans the shaver using the Braun cleaning solution, maintaining the superior condition of the blades. Moreover, the Clean & Charge Station also lubricates the razor using high-energy lubricates. Both the cleaning and lubrication prepares the shaver to look and perform like new. The Clean & Charge Station also dries the electric razor to keep it ready for the next use. It also allows you to select the shaver cleaning program.

A new-like shaver every day

Braun's advanced electric shavers offer a close and smooth shaving performance without any irritation or inconvenience. To ensure that your shaver maintains this efficient performance for a long time, you must take care of its health too. The shaver's health and hygiene contribute to the convenience of its use. Braun Clean & Charge Station helps you achieve that. Browse the category to shop for the Braun Clean & Charge Station online for your electric shavers, only on FactoryOutletStore.