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Braun Shavers with Cleaning System

Braun electric shavers featuring cleaning system have revolutionized the shaving technology. Across Series 3, 5 and 7 our shavers are outfitted with an extraordinary innovation – a self cleaning system that makes your shaver feels like new every day. Braun shavers are featured with a unique triple action free float system that can fluently follow your facial contour and also carries extra wide 13mm ultra thin foil so you can achieve a close and gentle shave. The unique, flexible contour adaptive shaving head automatically adjusts to every individual’s facial contours for perfect shaving comfort. The shavers with an alcohol based solution automatically get hygienically cleaned at the touch of a button. At the same time, the liquid lubricates the cutting unit for optimal cutting efficiency and also to keep your blades in maximum shape. The Clean & Renew function holds your razor when you are not using it. After the cleaning cycle is completed the Braun shavers are thoroughly dried through a heat inductive system to enhance the performance. In addition, the razor automatically regenerates while in the Clean and Renew system, so the battery is totally recharged. The oscillating motion combined with the new foil pattern, effectively holds and cuts more exposed hair in hardly many strokes. The one of a kind SmartFoil featured on the Braun cleaning system shavers capture hair growing from different directions for a closer shave in one go. Some razors with cleaning system feature three personalization modes, which allow you to adjust the force of the shave for different areas of your face as per the needs. With the self cleaning shaving system Braun has brought cutting edge technology to the modern face.